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Personally with Rev. Dr. Helena Steiner-Hornsteyn

It is important that you understand –and accept the process, so please read all the below before you book a One-on-One/ Private Consultation:

When you and I meet, either over the telephone or Skype, I first “see” through you –intuitively/ telepathically –and receive a visual impression of your body’s interdimensional “blueprint”. Each person has an absolutely unique blueprint. Sometimes there is a “blockage” in your blueprint. This blockage might be the reason for some of your problems, why you are “stuck” in your situation and are unable to move forward –the cause maybe on a physical, emotional, personal or professional level.

I work with Energy. According to Quantum Physics: The whole Universe consists of a field of unlimited energy, where those of the same vibrational frequencies attract each other. Everything is turned into a moment of Here and Now. This is how and why long distance meetings are possible and it usually works very well.

Within us we all have an innate “energy motor”  of a particular frequency.  If you are spiritually inclined, you may call this energy motor your Inner Light, Soul-Power or your God- Energy. (If you are not spiritually inclined, it is there any way!!)

 I also like to call this “energy motor” your Higher Potential. Of course, you may call this energy anything you like, depending on your personal philosophy, faith and belief but many like to call it the God flame, The Light or soul-power within them. For me it is The Light. 

It is not intellectually necessary to understand the process, nor is it logically possible to exactly follow the process, because it is happening on a completely different level far away from old fashioned logic and thinking. So we ask you to be of an open mind and allow yourself to stepping into the universal flow of healing and restoring balance.

Usually, one visit is enough, but not always. Your symptoms may be the tip of an iceberg and several sessions may be required- before you can “LET GO” of your condition. A negative condition that has been building up for years may require more than one session to heal.

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