You’ll be guided how to improve and strengthen your innate skills and how to bring out your own creative talents. You will also be taught how to connect with this Higher Power within you and how to make it work for you to help, inspire and heal. The secret to success is often how you communicate with others, personally, socially and professionally. And most of all to know how to communicate with Yourself, your- inner- self. In our session we are tuning in to that Higher Source of knowledge and peace within you -– “the place that sees all, hears all and knows all, your Inner Light.”

HOW to make an appointment for a telephone session:

  1. Contact me via email: activale@gmail.comafter you have read this letter. 

Send a copy to to make sure it gets to me personally. If you get no response, send another email, because sometimes I get a lot of emails and some tend to “get lost”.

  1. Write Session in the subject line.
  2. In your email, suggest what days and times are good for you. Give us your name, city and country so we know your time zone.  (Most clients come to us through word of mouth, so please let us know in your request who referred you to us)

Sessions take approx.1 hour, sometimes more, depending on how easily the channeled information is getting through.

Fee, according to country of residency and currency, payable through in advance, or through direct bank transfer. More instructions, contact numbers and costs when you make a request for your appointment.

You cannot make an appointment for someone else without his or her consent or knowledge although it works well with small children through a parent without their permission.

It must be your personal wish to have an appointment.

As you may know, we have enjoyed many good results with tens of thousands of individual clients through the decades. I work with clients all over the world and have been ranked one of the top psychic healers in the world.

I mainly work through word-of-mouth- personal recommendations. I prefer it that way to avoid doubt and misunderstandings, but I do accept new and sincere clients of all ages and philosophical background.   I have one important request: You must have an open mind. Those living in the limitation, would be happier meeting someone else of their same mindset. I am spiritual, not religious and am strong believer in the Golden Rule and the Law of Nature..

The method I use is channeled and absolutely unique for you at the time. I have used my method on thousands of men, women and children all over the world for a long, long time and know what works.

As a bonus you will be programmed to use a particular keyword. When you begin to use this word on a regular basis you’ll find that you’ll move forward in the right direction. (It really works. EVERYONE says so.)

Please take it easy after a session, do not drink alcohol and do not drive a car immediately afterwards.   

*To make this experience less confusing for your physical system, we suggest you do not go for a similar energy consultation with someone else within at least 4 weeks. (Not all energies mix well!)

Our sessions work very well with any kind of medical/ chiropractic/ dental treatment as well as acupuncture, diet, medication and massages.



Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor and make no medical claims or guarantees. If you have a medical problem, I urge you to please go for medical treatment FIRST.



Email:  or

Web sites: and

Telephone or Skype — Appointment only

Books to read before or after your appointment to understand the process better:

Jeff Fisher, New York

I came to Helena’s workshop at the New Life Expo in New York . I knew nothing about the subject, but she activated feelings within me that made me feel excited about my future and what I could do to make my life a healthy and successful life. It was a wonderful feeling and I now usually call her when I am down and need a fix. It always works .”

The coaching program is created to ACTIVATE your Higher Potential, your Soul-Power, your power within and expand your consciousness for more knowledge and wisdom.

Special Coaching programs possible

  • Life Guidance
  • Regular coaching and anti-stress sessions for executives
  • Anti Stress courses for employees
  • Relationships,
  • The art of relaxation
  • Find “inner harmony”. Enjoy a body and soul in balance,
  • Feeling well, body and mind
  • The Truth about us as human beings and our potential
  • Strengthen your spiritual connection
  • Improving your Awareness of All That Is
  • Handling grief and personal loss.
Katja S. Stockholm, Sweden

“ I was feeling sick most of the time and had no energy. I took all tests but no specialist could find anything wrong with me and I was still feeling worse. You found the cause and a few days later I felt like my old self again. We only needed one appointment. How can I thank you enough.”

Maria D., Stockholm, Sweden

“I first want to tell you, and probably many others before me have felt the same thing – I was very skeptical before I had a healing appointment with you, but went through with it because a friend of mine had spoken so very highly of you, so I was curious. But imagine my surprise, after my appointments with you, my life totally changed for the better.  

Something changed already after my first appointment with you. Or maybe everything changed. You changed my negative outlook and brought back love and light in my life. After our session I was somehow guided to the love of my life and we now live happily together. My business has taken off and I am making good money. I feel I am in balance. A few other problems have dissolved and everything has now fallen into place. I know and feel the difference so clearly, it began already after I woke up the next morning after our healing work and others noticed it too. I cannot thank you enough, Helena.”